My name is Dana Dunlap aka the Mind Body Soul Chic  and I have a story of redemption, healing, restoration, and forgiveness.  I think it’s time I share this story as I believe by the word of my testimony and the blood of the Lamb it will bring life, hope and healing to many people through their battles of life.

First, I must declare that above anything else, God is FAITHFUL!  If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t be the woman of God I am today. With that being said, my story wouldn’t have had the ending it did without Jesus…He is my Rock!

The Word of God says that in this life we will encounter troubles of many kinds but for some reason when they come knocking at our door, they sure do take us by surprise. 13 years ago, I received a call that rocked my world and that call changed my life forever! I had an almond shaped lymph node removed from under my arm pit that looked suspicious. 2 days after removal I received a call from my surgeon informing me, I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. 16 treatments and a double mastectomy later, I have life and give God all the glory!”

This was not just a physical battle but a spiritual one that God would show me the mysteries of His kingdom by His faithful hand at work and His everlasting love for me. I was not only healed of cancer, but I learned for the first time in my life how to truly love myself and dismiss the need for the approval of man, forgive others and how to intimately hear the voice of God.

My goal and passion in life is to not only share my story of hope but to relay the things that Christ showed me through this battle, so it sets women free to be all they were created to be which is AMAZING!!