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No Excuses…Get Up!

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Setbacks in life are a real thing! One day we are headed in one direction with great expectations and anticipation of awesome things to come and then all of a sudden “life” hits and we end up completely side swiped!!!

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe you were moving along really well in your career and then you find out you have been laid off due to a downsize. Maybe you are a young momma who is taking care of her kids, volunteering your time and running your home successfully and you get socked with a diagnosis of an aggressive breast cancer. Or, maybe you have been married for years and you find out that your loving husband has not been honest or faithful to you and it leaves you devastated. WHEW….life can really knock you down BUT….

The word of God says that we may be struck down BUT NOT DESTROYED! (2 Corinthians 4:9)

YOU were created with the WILL TO FIGHT AND OVERCOME! Trust me, I know there are days that I don’t feel like getting back on my feet after being side swiped by life. I actually feel like sometimes taking a day or two to just have a huge cry, feel sorry for myself and live in my yoga pants and baggy sweatshirt. With that being said, give yourself time and grace to process your feelings – they are real! It’s important that we don’t just stuff those emotions and keep moving forward but to deal with those feelings in a healthy manner.

Just remember, NOT to stay in that place of defeat. You are worth fighting for, you are worth rising to the top and you are worth fighting for all life has to offer. Look at the picture I posted. I don’t know this amazing person but half of his legs and feet have been amputated. “Life” definitely came knocking at his door and tried to push him down but by the looks of it he didn’t stay down for long. He got right back up (maybe after a huge cry) and fought for the life he did have so he could reach his full potential – AWESOME!

Live life to the fullest- without hindrances – without excuses. GET UP, GET UP, GET UP….you got this and so does your Almighty God!

Love & Hugs!!