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Jesus Date!

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The Bible, my organic, hemp-infused coffee and Jesus are some of my favorite things to enjoy in the morning! I absolutely love and look forward to waking up each day to encounter my Beloved, Jesus through His Word and allow His truth to clothe me for the day… this is what I call my “Jesus Date!” Often times people ask me how to start a quiet time, what to study and how to get closer to God. Your “Jesus Date” will look differently than mine but here are a few ways to begin to spend time with the Creator of this universe and allow Him to speak deeply into your spirit.

I have found that if I don’t have my “Jesus Date” in the morning I am less organized, not as focused and seem somewhat lost for the day. It has become such an important part of my day and who I am that I don’t miss it for anything. I find that after my time with the Lord, I am more confident in myself and capabilities, I have a greater sense of purpose and I stay on task. NOTHING seems impossible with God after time with Him.

The one key component of your Jesus date is that you just come with expectation to learn who He is and who He says you are in Him! He just wants you…all of you…right where you are at – raw, uncensored and sometimes broken – no change necessary before you enter His presence. He will take care of the rest!

The first thing I do, is wake up early. I give myself an hour and a half each morning to read the Bible, journal and pray. I start from the very beginning of the Bible and I read one chapter at a time each day. I also will read one Psalm and Proverb a day. I write in my journal anything the Lord has spoken to my heart while reading the scriptures or key words or phrases that really stick out to me. I may journal how I am feeling that morning. I might be heavy hearted that day and I just write it all out before the Lord. I might also write down all I am grateful for in that given day. Make it your personal conversation with your Beloved, Jesus. He just wants to hear and minister to your heart. After journaling, I to God like He is your friend. Expose the hard stuff and let it go…cast your cares upon Him and then sit silently. Get ready to write. Often times when I just sit quiet, I can hear His gentle voice speak to me. Lastly, I will recite my daily affirmations and declarations over me and my family.

These are the things I like to do in my “Jesus Dates” but sometime depending on the day and certain situations, I may spend more time on one area than another. Or, I might just turn on some praise music, sit in the dark and drink coffee with my friend. He is the Lover of my soul and all He wants at the end of the day is just my love for him – whatever that looks like. Have fun in your times with Jesus. Come expecting to hear his heartbeat for you…He calls you chosen and dearly loved!