I Cried, And He Heard Me


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This book was birthed from a realization that many women are feeling alone in their tears, in their dark seasons, and left wondering if God hears their cries.

Our desire was to get a compilation of God-Stories from women all over America. Women who have been through the dark and lonely nights and watched God do what only He can do: Restore, Heal, and Set-Free!
This book is a handbook of encouragement that we pray will encourage you, dear reader, to say, “if He did it for her, He can do it for me!”

Featuring the following Co-Authors:

  • Featured Author-Jen Tringale
  • Featured Author-Lisa Max
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Amy Albin
  • Prudence Shapcott
  • Ashley Autin
  • Erin Hockaday
  • Tammy Baron
  • Dana Dunlap
  • Melody Behe
  • Valarie Smith
  • Arcie Brown
  • Dr. Pamela Henkel
  • Jami Luzecky
  • Deanna Freeman
  • Stefani Havel
  • Diane Hoffman
  • Shonna Slatten
  • Eve Ropiecki
  • Sherry Cecil
  • Rachel Reboul
  • Jennifer Bosco
  • Nina Rivera
  • Missy Pittman
  • Melissa Magyar
  • Megan Fortner
  • Dr. Deborah Allen


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