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Set Free To Be Me!

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One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in my life is to stop looking for approval from man and finding my true worth and validity in my God – the One who created me! When we realize how much we are worth, we will STOP GIVING DISCOUNTS to people! Don’t look to people for your worth…look to the One who created you. He says that you are a masterpiece, created in His image, the apple of His eye and His treasured possession. “If God is for you, who can be against you??” Your worth doesn’t come from the opinions of others!! Just let that thing go…that’s true freedom!!

It all starts with the RENEWING of our MINDS! I have been on this “mindset” journey now for several years. I feel the greatest success in life is when we can daily take hold of those negative thoughts and replace them with life giving thoughts.  What we spend our time thinking about or focusing on will indeed become our reality. Today, recognize the lies that fill your mind…these such lies would say things like, “I am not good enough”, “I will never make it”, “I will always be stuck in this same situation”, “I am stupid,” “I can’t do this,” and the list can go on and on. The greatest measuring tool I use now to weed out the lies is I ask myself, “Would Christ say this about me?” If not, then dismiss those lies as fast as they entered into your mind and replace each lie, fear, worry and doubt with TRUTH.  Write down your new truths on a piece of paper and read those truths out loud each morning and night until they become your reality! Visualize yourself being the person you want to be- FREE, WHOLE and THRIVING. God created you in His image…YOU ARE HIS MASTERPIECE…nothing short of an amazing miracle! BE YOU with no excuses… that is what this world needs! (Refer to the blog entry titled “Speak Life” and use the Daily Affirmations to speak truths over you and your situations!)