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I LOVE mornings!  The birds are singing here in Colorado and the sun is shining! So thankful for life, health, love and Jesus!

The way we start our day is so important for the success of our day. How we take care of our minds, bodies and souls is just a way of showing love to ourselves. Each of my mornings consist of my favorite cup of coffee, a date with Jesus, a run/walk, and good food and supplementation to fuel my body.

The battle of cancer ( 13 years cancer free to God’s glory πŸ™Œ) has taught me a few things about how to care for our bodies. The Mind Body Soul Chic website will provide resources and tools on how to keep a healthy mind, body and soul so we can be proactive in our health and avoid diseases like cancer!!

One of things I love to do each day to fuel my body with good nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals is to make a smoothie! I thought I would share one of my fave recipes with you today.

Strawberry Blues Smoothie:

πŸ“16 oz. of your desired beverage ( I use unsweetened coconut/almond milk)

πŸ“1/2 c of frozen blueberries

πŸ“8 frozen strawberries

πŸ“1 c. of spinach

πŸ“1 scoop of vanilla protein powder ( I have an excellent one to recommend if you need one. It is organic, raw and made with whole foods)

πŸ“1 T chia seeds


1/2 c. of coconut milk in the can (make sure to shake up so the cream and milk mix together so you can get all that yumminess)

5 drops of CBD oil – I have aligned myself with a company that has produced a clean, safe and pure product stamped with the US Hemp Authority seal! This is very important as there are many CBD products on the market today that are not safe, do not follow strict guidelines for integrity and make people sick. You can find these CBD products in my Chic Store. Please email me at to get a recommendation of which strength you should be on. Reach out to me …it’s my joy to help!! I want you to feel good and THRIVE!!

Blend all of the above together and enjoy this creamy and delish smoothie PACKED with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to fight off free radicals and promote a healthy immune system!

Hugs & Blessings!!❀️

Check out my recommended daily supplementation in the Chic Store! This supplementation I am proud to represent as it has given me my life back after I suffered with immune and thyroid imbalances. AMAZING!!!