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6 Tips to Overcome the “Giants in Life!”

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Each day we have a choice on how we are going to react and respond to a given situation. In life we will all encounter hardships and sometimes these hardships can seem daunting and look impossible to overcome! How we choose to react to these situations will either give us victory or defeat. I want to share 6 strong tips on how to overcome these “giants” we face! I used these tips when I faced a very aggressive form of breast cancer almost 13 years ago and I believe it is why I am still here today!

Tip 1: Choose to fight and FOCUS on that desired outcome!

Make a decision today that you will not give up and give in to fear, worry or doubt. Draw a line in the sand today that you will continue to press on and refuse to allow this “giant” to win. Remind yourself that the God of this universe is bigger and stronger than anything we face. Rather than focusing on the grandness of the problem that you face, FOCUS on the favored outcome of where you see yourself after you have defeated this giant! Visualize yourself WHERE you want to be – WHO you want to be!

Tip 2: Speak life over you and your situation!

The Word of God talks about the power in our words. Our tongues can either speak life or death and whatever we choose, we eat of its fruit. When I was battling cancer, I found healing scriptures from God’s spoken Word and plastered them all over my house. Wherever my eye could see, I had hung neon-colored poster board scattered throughout the entire house declaring God’s healing scriptures over me. When I was in a low time, I would read those scriptures out loud, inserting my name and declaring those scriptures over my life as if God wrote them just for me  These promises of God will consistently remind you of your victory over this “giant”.

Tip 3: Surround yourself with positive people!

This is key to your success and your victory in whatever you face in life! Be surrounded by people who support you and speak life into you. This will help you to overcome those giants. Finding mentors that can offer wisdom or friends who can pray with you, will bring you quicker to a place of victory. Do not surround yourselves with people who leave you in a cloud of negativity but find those people, who when they leave, you feel as if you have been in the presence of God. While I was going through the hell of chemotherapy, I had two beautiful, Godly women come and pray over me each time I was going in for a treatment. They prayed and spoke the life of God into me…I owe my life to these two precious ladies.

Tip 4: Invest into yourself – Motivate & love on yourself!

Read books, find a pastor or counselor, listen to motivational speakers on YouTube, or join my Mentorship Program to help you get to a place of mental health and stability. Mindset is the key to healthy life! If we are struggling to keep our minds strong and we are weary because the giant we face is too strong, listen to speakers who will build you up and get you back to a place where you can fight again. My mentorship program has been created to help mentor you along the way of difficult situations. It provides daily hope and encouragement through devotionals and a community of women who will cheer you on to victory!

Tip 5: Keep moving forward – Determination – Journal!

When days get tough and there seems to be no way out, surrender to our Heavenly Father and trust Him for his saving grace. Surrender plus trust equals victory! When I was battling cancer, often times I would literally just whisper to God, that I was His and I trusted His outcome as I knew He had me in the palm of His loving hands. After I surrendered my worries, doubts or fears, I literally felt an overwhelming peace and comfort sweep over me. Be determined to keep focused on the desired outcome as if it already were happening. Visualize yourself overcoming and declare out loud that victory. Journal your desired outcome and your feelings. Get it out on paper and then you will have a record of God’s faithfulness along your journey of overcoming these “giants!”

Tip 6: Celebrate!

Daily take time to celebrate the little blessings in life. Despite the hardships we face in life, there are still things we can be grateful for. Before your day begins, either write in your journal or state out loud those things you could be celebrated. It can be as simple as “I opened my eyes and I am breathing today.” Or, “I can see, hear, walk and talk.” Just release your gratitude into the atmosphere as it will get your eyes off of the problem but place your attention on the positive things in life. This will help you to focus on what is important and make that giant appear smaller than it is. Enjoy life…we were created to thrive!