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Blinders on, inner voices on silence mode, faith as tenacious as a lion = UNSTOPPABLE!

Have you ever worked out so hard that you don’t feel like you can even do one more rep?? Your muscles get shakey and your breath is super labored? You get to the point of total exhaustion, discomfort, burning throughout your body and you just want to quit? Life can often be like this too when we face trials of great hardship!

The definition of “UNSTOPPABLE” is impossible to stop or prevent!  Do you realize that we serve a God that says “With Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE??!!” We have the ability to overcome anything we face with the right mindset. We need to put on blinders that keep us from being distracted by the problem at hand or the giant we face and focus entirely on the God WHO CAN!

Secondly, we need to silence those inner voices that say we can’t, we will never succeed or we are not worthy. Silence those lies by taking them captive and tune in to the TRUTH of who God says you are… masterpiece, chosen, equipped, dearly loved, and prosperous!

Lastly, STAND FIRM! The Bible says in Ephesians 6 that we face an enemy that can be overcome with the right weapons. Visually place the Armor of God on daily, take your rightful position as God’s mighty daughter and have faith as strong as a lion to take back what was stolen from you. Even when you feel like you can’t do one more “Rep of LIfe” take a deep breath and give it all you got Sista… because God has made you UNSTOPPABLE!!