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Daily Declarations of Life!

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I absolutely love to start out each day with words of life spoken over me and my family! There is such power in our words. God’s Word says that there is life or death in the power of the tongue – so let’s choose LIFE! (Proverbs 18:21)

Here is a list of daily declarations that I use that you can incorporate into your daily routine. You will begin to notice a new confidence and joy grow within your spirit as you make this a daily practice. SPEAK LIFE!

Daily Affirmations:

My body is healed, whole and healthy!

My mind is sound and focused!

My soul is blessed!

My family is chosen!

My words are anointed!

My praise is dangerous!

My future is AWESOME!

My walk is righteous!

I am more than enough!

I am just what the world needs!

I walk in God’s constant blessings and favor!

I am an overcomer and a conqueror!

My head is anointed with God’s rich oil and my cup overflows!

His goodness and mercies follow me all the days of my life!

All my needs have been met through His riches in Christ Jesus!

I lack nothing because He is my Good Shepherd!

I am bold, courageous and confident!

God’s miracles are manifesting in my life!

Good things are supposed to happen to me today!

I don’t swerve to the right or to the left but obey the commands of the Lord my God!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

I was created on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose to be a world changer!

I have faith to move mountains!

Nothing will stop me from fulfilling God’s plans in my life!

With God, All things are possible to me!!